Velvet Dog - BEADWHORE'S #1 BAR!!! Unfortunately the Velvet Dog closed permanently after Hurricane Katrina. Boo!

Huge Ass Beer To Go - One of the best drink deals during Mardi Gras - 32 ounce domestic drafts for $4.00! Located at the Steak Pit on Bourbon near Toulouse and on St. Peter next to Pat O'Brien's. Be sure to tell them beadwhore sent you!

Catís Meow
- Cat's Meow - Site of the famous BourboCAM. With it's corner location and wrap-around balcony it's one of the most active spots on Bourbon. Make sure to head inside to see the hysterical show provided by the drunken karaoke singers. Located on the corner of Bourbon and St. Peter.

Pat OíBrienís - A New Orleans classic. It's large interior courtyard is a great place to mix, mingle and have a couple of hurricanes. Try to check out the piano bar too. Entrance located on St. Peter between Bourbon and Royal.

Tropical Isle - Home of the potent Hand Grenade. They sell 1/4 yards with neck straps for hands-free drinking. Two locations: on the corner of Bourbon St. and Orleans, and on Toulouse south of Bourbon St.

Bourbon Street Blues Company - A great place to dance into the wee hours of the morning. They also have a balcony overlooking the Bourbon Street action. Located on the corner of Bourbon and Conti.

Razoo's - A happening place to drink and dance. Check out the patio with flaming fountain in back. On Bourbon St. between St. Louis and Toulouse.

Mango Mango and Fat Tuesdays - Both have large collections of frozen concoctions - think alcoholic slurpees.

Website Recommendations:
The Funky Pirate on 727 Bourbon St. (suggested by S.Davis)

The Dungeon on 738 Toulose St. (suggested by CaptPlayer)

Gold Mine Saloon on 701 Dauphine St. (suggested by A.Jackson)

"The drinks are strong, the dancing fantastic and there are plenty of drunken men willing to part with their beads with a minimum amount of effort."

Johnny White's Hole in the Wall
on 720 Bourbon St. (suggested by Wghay)
"The best simply because every year we see the craziest stuff. Also, you can bribe the bouncer guarding the bathroom with a couple of bucks."

The Famous Door on 339 Bourbon St. (suggested by Cadcam)
"If you like good music (Rock 'n' Roll)!"

Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop on 941Bourbon St. (suggested by Michelle M.)
"Located at the corner of St. Phillip St. This 18th century cottage is one of the oldest in the Quarter. I'm sure most everyone knows the story of Jean Lafitte (a polite way of saying I'll skip the Vieux Carre history lesson) but I will say this: how many pirate hangouts will one visit in one's life? The bartenders are great, both congenial and entertaining. It is also a great stop when you need to get out of the Bourbon St. throng without leaving the party. The seating is plentiful due to it's point at the far end of Bourbon and the mood lighting is a perfect foil to the glitz and neon of the rest of Bourbon St. Great for a first stop and a last stop - not to mention a great 'out of the horde' place to set a meeting point for friends and a somewhat quiet place to hookup with mischief makers and prospective partners that you meet through the day. I make it a point to stop at Lafitt'es every day I am in the French Quarter. It's just that fabulous!! "

Big Bad Wolf on 433 Bourbon St.
Old Opera House on 601 Bourbon St.
Tricou 711 Club on 711 Bourbon St.
(all suggested by Gary S.)

Utopia on 227 Bourbon St. (suggested by Paul J.)
"Some stunning shot girls including my personal fave, Amy, with the curly red hair. Check the place out and be sure to hook the ladies up. They're not afraid to get out and dance either!"

"Don't forget that gay guys are beadwores as well! Bourbon Pub & Parade (801 Bourbon St.), Oz (800 Bourbon St.)and Cafe Lafitte in Exile (901 Bourbon St.) along with Good Friends Bar and Queen's Head Pub (740 Dauphine St.) should also be listed as favorite bars!" (suggested by Lisa L.)

Do you have a favorite New Orleans watering hole? Let us know here!