The Austin Powers girls - yeah, baby! Katie & Friends
looking shagadelic with beadwhore, but where did Austin go?

More beadwhores on Bourbon St.!

Hollie and Kelly: two Florida beadwhores out on Bourbon St.!

We LOVE the forehead and abs!! "McKees Rocks, PA meets the DIRTY South!!!"

Are these guys sponsoring beadwhore or Budweiser? The Michigan State Rugby Team: Bob, Dave, Jon, Gozi & Potsi

A bevy of beautiful beadwhores! U of FL's Gator Girls: Annabelle, Natasha, Beth, Emily and Michelle!

At Post St. Mardi Gras - Reggie and an A.J.'s girl!

Maria Lyn and friends manning the Post St. Mardi Gras beadwhore booth!


Black and red - the colors of beadwhore - it's a perfect match!
Check out the devil girl's website at

Our first tattoo-ed beadwhore butt!

A beadwhore camera crew!

And you thought we only tattooed guys ...we're equal opportunity!

Two redheaded beadwhores strike a pose!

This Mardi Gras Virgin actually pierced his nipple with one of our pins - that's dedication!

And last but not least, the Pink Pimp. Where are you? We miss you!!