Two pairs of jeans - One pair will be the "nighttime jeans" and one pair the "daytime jeans". You will find that after one night on Bourbon street the bottom of your jeans will be extraordinarily dirty - so you might as well wear the same pair every night (why dirty up more than one?).

Shirts - Since New Orleans weather is notoriously unpredictable, you have to be prepared! Betty Beadwhore recommends that you bring some long-sleeve as well as a few short-sleeved tees. Then you can layer on top of them as needed.

Sweatshirt - Good for keeping warm & comfy in case it gets really cold. Pullovers for the boys and hoodies for the girls are the order of the day!

Light Rain Coat - You won't need a really heavy one (it's not that cold) but it's helpful to have a light-weight jacket to throw over your tees or sweatshirts in case it starts raining (have you noticed that Betty likes to layer?). Let's face it, wet clothing is uncomfortable and may cut your nights short!

Shoes - Again Betty suggests 2 pairs - night & day. Comfortable tennis shoes are the way to go for the day and parades (we guarantee you'll end up walking and standing a lot). At night Betty swears by lug-soled boots. There is so much trash, alcohol & who knows what else (Betty's lady-like way of saying urine) on Bourbon Street that your shoes will end up thrashed. You want shoes that won't leak and that can be washed/wiped off easily at night (translation - avoid leather). If you have $20 to spare we highly recommend going to Payless Shoes, Target, Walmart, etc., and buying a pair of cheap boots. That way you won't be heartbroken if the shoes end up in the trash at the end of the trip.

Cameras - You don't want to bring your real camera out on Bourbon Street at night as there is a good chance it will get broken or lost. Let's face it, there is a lot of drinking going on. Disposable cameras with flashes for nighttime photos are the best alternative for catching all the Bourbon Street action on film.

Extra Duffel Bag/Backpack - You need an extra bag to carry all of your beads/throws back home. Seriously - you don't need to be a beadwhore to easily fill a bag up!

Water - With all the drinking, dehydration be a pain in the beadwhore's ass and threaten your Mardi Gras fun. And we all know that it is important to stay hydrated if we are going to be drinking every night & day. The tap water actually doesn't taste that bad if you get desperate, but if you would rather have bottled water - bring it or hit a store as soon as you arrive. The good intention of stopping by a store to pick up some water quickly goes by the wayside once you get a glimpse of all those beads.

Bras - This is optional for women - not needed if you are going to be flashing!!! (Betty assumes most men would not be wearing them - unless on their heads).

Lagniappe (a little something extra) - Betty suggests such accessories as feather masks, princess crowns, feather boas, head boppers, etc. The more you stand out, the more beads you'll get!!