Go on the Haunted History Ghost Tour around the French Quarter (hint: get a Hurricane to go before leaving on the tour – Pat O’Brien’s is across the street).

Hang out on a balcony – Cat’s Meow is the best.

Set a time to stand in front of the BourboCAM during the day for your friends at home so they can check you out on the website live!

Have a Pat O’Brien’s Hurricane.

Have a Tropical Isle Hand Grenade.

Huge Ass Beer To Go is one of the best drink deals – 32 ounces of beer for $3.50. Locations at the Steak Pit on Bourbon near Toulouse and on St. Peter south of Bourbon next to Dante’s Pizza.

Go to Café Du Monde for beignets and coffee.

Go to at least one parade (most go down Canal).

People's Grocer on Conti right off of Bourbon (next to the Famous Door) - yummy, large sandwiches for under $6!

Have a mufaletta from the Central Grocery at 923 Decatur St. across from the French Market (one can easily feed 2 people).

Try Johnny’s PoBoys on St. Louis just north of Decatur. One sandwich can easily feed 2 girls.

Have a Lucky Dog at least once. You can't miss them - they are all over the French Quarter.

Wander through Jackson Square and the French Market.

Coffee Pot - they sell great bowls of red beans and rice to go for $5

Margaritaville - beadwhore is particularly fond of the Cheeseburger in Paradise. A great place to hang for dinner and a lot of drinks!