A creepy guy with a camcorder and no beads approaches you on Bourbon St. He singles you out - what do you do? If you don't want to find yourself on the internet or on an x-rated Mardi Gras video, beadwhore suggests one simple solution - RUN. Or at least a brisk walk. Haha. Or if you can't ignore the guy and are forced into conversation with him, simply say "No, thank you. I don't flash." And make sure if/when you do, that you're out of his line of vision.

A cop spots you flashing and he threatens to arrest you - what do you do? beadwhore suggests acting demure. Lots of "I'm sorrys" and a few tears wouldn't hurt. We don't suggest playing dumb and pretending you didn't know it was illegal. Agree with anything he says, and be on the lookout for the same cop later.

You're up on the balcony getting caught up in all the action. Flashing nonstop. All of a sudden, it dawns on you that you haven't gotten any beads for the past few minutes - what do you do? Face it girl, they don't want to see them anymore. Take a break, go inside, grab a drink and wait for the crowd to pass. You'll find that you'll have more adoring fans.

You're on Bourbon and you see a surge of people rushing towards you. But you don't wanna get trampled - what do you do? If you can, get to the curb and duck into a store, quick! If not, look around for a friendly-looking guy and hold on for dear life!



You do something outrageous in a bar and security asks you to leave - what do you do? beadwhore recommends that you be polite, apologize and leave without causing a scene. You can always come back later. And who knows, they may be so impressed with your maturity that you might just get a warning. It's been known to happen!

Your best friend is drunk, belligerent and preventing you from hooking up with the honeys - what do you do? If he's that drunk, we all know that nothing you say or do is going to help much. But there are a few options that might work. 1) Buy him non-alcoholic drinks - if he's too drunk to notice, he might sober up. 2) Keep plying him with alcohol and drop him off at the hotel room and hope he passes out. Then you can get back to the party!

A guy offers YOU beads, but you play on a different team - what do you do? Feel flattered, remember the spirit of the event and if you're adventurous, try something new!