There are four qualities to look for in beads: length, size, gaudiness and uniqueness.

If a strand of good beads breaks, don't give them up! Fix them by using a cigarette lighter to melt two beads together.

Make sure you are wearing some beads that you are willing to trade away.

You should have no more than 2 strands you can't part with.


If you are going to be flashing and can get away without a bra - do so (it just gets in the way).

Enlist your friends for a group flash rather than a bush shot - if you're not into flashing below the waist.

Have you friends form a protective circle around you while flashing to protect from unwanted grabbing from the sides and behind.

Try for better/bigger beads really late at night (i.e. 3-4am) - people are more drunk and you can get them for doing less.

Get the guy to make the first offer.

Get the beads first (or at least have your hands on them) - you have to make sure you can get them off without breaking them.

Watch out for cops when flashing!

Barter and flash quickly to avoid a crowd gathered around you (unless of course you want to be on the internet).

Don't get on a guy's shoulders on the street near bars (i.e. Bourbon St.) unless you are going to flash. Angry, drunken men can be dangerous! Being up on shoulders with no flashing is A-OK on parade routes.

The photographers are out in force at night, so if you are flashing then we suggest wearing a mask to hide your identity.

Break the cheap beads (with permission, of course) to get the good beads you want untangled.

Wear a bra you are willing to trade away for good beads. But be prepared to see the guy wearing it on beads, his head, etc - you get the picture.

Keep accessories hands-free for easy bead-catching and flashing!


Don't yell "You!", "Hey!" or "Woo!" and expect girls to respond.

Watch out for cops when flashing - they are much quicker to arrest men.

Guys can earn beads too - if you see something you want, strike a deal!

When on a balcony, specifically identify the girl you want to flash you - i.e. red hair, blue shirt, etc.

Always ask for more than what you want - you just might get it!

If buying beads at the event, shop around and try to find the best deals. Be sure to ask about bulk discounts (of course your best bet is to buy them in advance from!)

Accept the fact that the 98% of girls are not going to be showing bush or butts.

Don't wear multiple strands of the same beads - diversify!

Don't get so overloaded with beads that you become a tangled mess.

If a girl is already in negotiations with someone, don't interrupt!

Don't renege on a deal. The crowd will almost always side with the girl and you don't want to mess with angry drunks. If you promised certain beads, give 'em up!